Objects and Momentos

I was honoured to be included in the art project of local artist Donna Davis, Objects & Momentos. Donna’s vision for the project was to create opportunities for connection in our community. The project explored the lives of local residents through the personal momentos of  the participants and the stories behind them. Being a minimalist, when Donna first asked me to bring her a collection of items with personal significance to me I really had no idea what to give her. It was actually a good process for me to work through and reminded me of how grateful I am for the precious people whose lives are connected to many of the pieces. It was also a hoot to see my bicycle in a little glass jar. The exhibition is currently touring Queensland.

Ipswich Objects & Lace Exhibition, July 2011

Artwork by Donna Davis

Photography by LeAnne Vincent

Style Guide: Fabulous coats can be an outfit in themselves. I loved this coat, I wore it nearly every day one winter, warm, rich golden brown boho looks fabulous with hosiery & heels. I always get comments when I wear these stockings, I picked up a stack brand new at a Russian yard sale, do the Slavs know how to make hosiery! Lastly the shoes that started my love affair with heels – worn to death but I still can’t part with them. The warm, rich colours work well together in this photograph which is what caught the photographers eye. Shaun, is looking very cool in his vintage WW2 bomber jacket and stonewash jeans [he is getting a pop quiz on my personal history (wink)] .


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