The Power of Team!


Whilst the temptation to stay warmly wrapped up under the duvet can be enticing, there is nothing like waking up before dawn to embrace the day. I love starting my day with a good fast run to get the blood pumping, a strong session of strength training, a relaxing few moments in the steam room and a nice warm shower. I met a new training partner this morning at the gym and we did a training session together so that was a double session for me today as I also had my afternoon session with Kerri from Step into Life at Limestone Park. It always helps to work in community with others, whether it’s physical training, professional work or business, goals seem to be achieved more readily and life just seems to be more enjoyable. We also experience the joy of encouraging others to grow and develop themselves and in the process experience the highest level of success in life. I happened upon an opportunity just yesterday through online networks to help support Aaron get to Spain to represent Australia in an orienteering competition. The online forum participants suggested setting up a paypal account so that everyone could donate $1 to the cause and funds are now rolling in! It was easy and fun to be part of contributing a few dollars toward such a worthwhile cause and helping open a door of opportunity for a young community member. I have to remind myself of connecting in with others as I always have a few projects on the go at once so it is one of the points I make a conscious effort of planning each Sunday evening when I prepare for my week ahead using my Cara’s 9. Tap into the power of team today – T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves Miracles!



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