Wake up sleepy head


I honestly don’t know where the last three weeks have gone – I have been really out of sorts and now feel as though I’ve been somewhat of a hibernating bear…..my yoga teacher said last night not to worry too much it’s just the time of year when everything is cold and all you want to do is curl up and hide. I think some of it’s been the weather but there have also been some personal challenges, obstacles that have discouraged me and perhaps derailed my momentum. Well over the weekend I decided it was finally time to crawl out of that cave and go find my mojo!

So even after almost burning the midnight oil on Sunday, I crawled out from under the duvet on Monday morning at 4am, put the heater to warm my study up whilst brewing a cup of green tea. As I did my readings and then began to journal through my check-in questions I realised that the last time I journalled was about three weeks ago, I also found that the last time I had planned my week (as is my usual practice) was also about the same. It’s funny – when you develop disciplines in your life you can actually take for granted the edge they give you and it’s only when you let them slide that you realise how valuable they are.

On Sunday evening’s I like to spend an hour meditating on the past week and then planning my week ahead, on Monday’s I journal through a list of what I call my check-in questions which I use to see where I am at with important areas in my life). Combined with my hour of power each week day morning (which began when I went raw for 100 days earlier this year) and physical training at the gym – these disciplines have become a vital platform for me and I now realise how much value they add not only to my life but others around me. When we encourage and build ourselves up first, we are then able to have an abundance which can be shared around as illustrated in the beautiful allegory from Psalm 1 about the prosperous tree planted by streams of water, which yields fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.

With the new financial year beginning it’s often another chance to review the past six months, so I have been reflecting on my commitments, considering a little pruning and taking stock again of where I am headed for the rest of the year. I feel a renewed sense of excitement and invigoration and on Monday I ran faster and stronger than ever before, I’m running flat out and on the inside screaming,”Yeah baby – bring it on!’ so perhaps a little down time in the cave once in awhile is not so bad after all…..


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