Passing on the baton!


We have three little nephews that we see on a regular basis and I always love spending time with them. The newest is not yet two months and the oldest is three but before we know it, all three will  be men and as I watch their mum and dad nourish them with love & encouragement and tend their characters with gentle care, I can only wonder at who they will be and what they will do with their lives. When I saw this photograph it reminded me not only of the boys, but of the privilege & honour we have of passing on gifts, resources, opportunity and wisdom to the next generation. It sobers me because I know that I can only pass on by example that which I have mastered in my own life.  Last Wednesday I trawled our local library for some good reading materials and found a book called “Million Dollar Habits” by Brian Tracy. There are so many gems in there I am just soaking them in and meditating on what new habits I should begin to work on. The practice of good habits and disciplines are the platform on which a secure and successful life are built, they anchor and protect us from the strife that so many people end up in: “Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control.” (Proverbs 25:28). I shared my last week’s post with my training partner who had been in a similar zone and it was great to encourage one another and smash out a training session last Wednesday afternoon. Establishing new habits is not easy, it takes energy and can be painful, especially when we are breaking entrenched bad habits to build positive new ones! We can make excuses or we can make progress, but we can’t make both. Having someone you can be accountable to on a regular basis where there is a mutual commitment to one another’s growth is a valuable relationship to invest in – there is someone there to pull you up when you stumble, someone who has your back.  If you are serious about moving forward, take the time to connect with someone else on the same journey, not only does the synergy give you fantastic returns but you get the added benefit of enjoying the journey together – you might even have some fun!!

“Two people can accomplish more than twice as much as one; they get a better return.” (King Solomon)


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