Energise your life!


I’m enjoying a nice pot of earl grey after spending an hour in the garden, tidying up the veggie patch, munching on some snow peas and beans (they are so sweet) all whilst being serenaded by the songs of our resident birdlife – I’m sure they love this beautiful weather as much as we do! Everything is going wild out there since we gave our soil some high quality nutrients a few months ago – lettuce is popping up everywhere so I have to be careful where I step, we even found a lone ranger out on the lawn which gave us both a giggle. I am so thankful for the lettuce crop though because it’s one of the main ingredients in the green smoothies I make every morning and we eat it for lunch too! I often get funny looks when I share about the power of green foods, but it is a life source that I have discovered that is simply unmatched by any other food. When I am eating loads of greens, my mind and body both feel so at peace and literally bursting with energy, life and vitality. I also feel so much more light and productive as a result and am easily able to take action toward realising my goals and creating a bountiful harvest! Everyone has great ideas but for those of you wanting to reach your full potential in life as I do, developing the power to motivate yourself to act will set you apart from 90% of the population who only achieve mediocrity in life. Using the German word for over, above, hyper or super, I’ve named my green smoothie the ‘ÜberGreen’! Not only am I fueling my body and mind with amazing and delicious nourishment, I’m also setting the benchmark for my day each morning – focusing my mind on the pursuit of excellence, service to others and the realisation of my dreams. Take the time to invest in yourself, nourish your body and your inner life with good fuel and encouragement – you will be amazed at what you can achieve – serenade someone with your song this week!


Want to try the ÜberGreen? Starter packs including the ÜberGreen recipe, information on where to buy the dry ingredients and an outline of my own personal daily nutrition and fitness diary are available now. To place an order please email velvetmillionaire@gmail.com – speak soon!


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