A date with a mountain

‘It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves’
– Sir Edmund Hillary
I love climbing mountains – there is nothing more exhilirating than reaching the top and knowing you’ve pushed through those limiting beliefs. Not only is hiking fantastic exercise coupled with amazing scenery, apart from the costs of fuel to get there, the experience is a relatively inexpensive way to spend a weekend. We are so blessed to live on the edge of the Scenic Rim, an amazing place in South East Queensland home to stunning vistas, lush bushland and many challenging peaks – the adventurer’s playground…the naturalist’s retreat!
It was lovely to spend some time in the great outdoors experiencing the beauty of nature,  an amazing cardio workout climbing one of Queensland’s most challenging peaks (1359m) and meeting new friends.  Hikers from Brisbane, Ipswich, Laidley and the Tweed arrived at base camp (Mount Barney Lodge) on Friday evening and were accommodated in a range of venues from fully equipped on-site camper trailers to byo campervans and camper trailers and then there was the al fresco version (good old swag on the back of the ute – quite comfortable actually).  After a light evening meal and greetings to new friends, we turned in early for a brisk 4:30am start!
The weather forecast was for a strong 34 degrees on Saturday and with the sun coming up at 4:30am we wanted to get an early start! We were on the road by about 5:30am. Phase I was a shaded but gruelling climb up Peasants Track to the saddle (the dip in between the two peaks). The natural beauty of the native flora, fauna, abundant wildflowers and unbelievable views refreshed our spirits us as we continued the two hour hike to the saddle. Mount Barney is certainly not for the faint hearted and I found that knowing that we were all in it together made the hike more enjoyable!  After a brief rest in the cool, shady saddle it was time for Phase II – attacking the Peaks with our fearless mountain men leading the way through scrub and over boulders. The views at the summit were amazing with a clear view to the chimney of Mt Lindsay and surrounds and a nice breeze cooled our brows as we enjoyed a well deserved rest and refreshments! The trek back down the mountain always seems longer but we eventually arrived safely back at base camp and after hot showers and a cuppa our spirits were feeling revived.
The health benefits of getting out into the great outdoors for some vigorous exercise are many and varied, not only is there the physical benefits of exercise and fresh air but there are also mental and emotional benefits too. Going with a group helps create community between friends new and old. The personal achievement of accomplishing a physical challenge such as Mount Barney boosters self esteem and builds confidence that can impact beyond the physical into many facets of our lives as we push through the limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves!
Our final group hike for the year will be on Sunday 25 November (please see the event page for more information) – all welcome!

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