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One of my favourite things!

November 27, 2012

On a beautiful day, full of sunshine and warmth, one of my most favourite things in the world is spending time at the seaside, swimming in the ocean and taking walks along the beach.  Nothing compares to the exhilaration of running into the sea and being engulfed by waves, hearing the laughter and squeals of kids of all ages playing in nature’s water park playground.

Joy abounds, children build castles of sand, families recline together and couples stroll hand in hand. It’s a place to forget everything and feel completely happy and carefree. We had a lovely morning at Burleigh Heads on Sunday, swimming and playing in the waves, it’s one of our favourite spots. As I was swimming I couldn’t help seeing flashes of Heavenly Creatures,  the recent Vogue shoot (November edition) celebrating the golden jubilee of the Australian Ballet Company. I was absolutely enraptured by strength and beauty of the dancers perfectly juxtaposed against the raw beauty of ocean and sand. For me the behind the scenes video far surpassed the stills. The music and editing was  simply enchanting…..enjoi!


Making space in your life…..

November 26, 2012

I had the special treat of catching up with a good friend over the weekend. We kicked our heels up Friday evening and danced the night away at Rio Rythmics and, after a well deserved sleep-in, spent Saturday lounging about, drinking tea in the garden and taking a stroll and lunch in the high street. I didn’t make any plans for the whole day I just wanted to give that time to catching up with my friend. We were talking about how how important it is to keep space in our life! We both made a pact not to follow the masses in living such a full life that we’re super busy all the time and nothing else can be squeezed in!

[Alice in Wonderland Vogue, 2003]

In modern life we are bombarded with busyness, work commitments, online information and it leaves us empty and exhausted. How often do loved ones get overlooked or is creativity left on the shelf for later. People often ask me how I can afford not to work full-time….well I just unsubscribed to the story of stuff and now I enjoi the simple pleasures of life.

Getting off the treadmill is not easy but it’s worth it! Recently I sold two cocktail dresses and have been feeling a little sad about letting go which is a timely metaphor for some bigger things at the moment. Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions so we can make time and energy for wonderful opportunities, new ideas, amazing experiences, new friends or maybe just a new dress!

[Louisa Jane –]

Style Guide: Celebrating at Ipswich Women in Business first birthday, 2011! I wore a little red 1960’s inspired cocktail dress from Basque (Myer) – the dress speaks for itself so a string of pearls, a vintage electric pleated purse (just in view on my right arm) and heels finished the look.

Forget BMI, it’s time to measure up!

November 23, 2012

Body Mass Index or BMI has been used for some years as the indicator for health and used as a screening tool for obesity. The challenge with BMI is that it does not take into consideration many factors such as height, build, muscle tone or distribution of fat around the body. More recently health authorities have changed their tune and have us more focused on waist circumference with 80cm for women and 100cm for men being the upper limit. Again this doesn’t take into consideration differences in height. I recently read about a new concept which in my view makes more sense. Whilst it is not a new idea, the waist to height ratio assessment is coming to prominence as a better predictor of  diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. The recommendation is to keep your waist circumference to less than half of your height.

Here is a quick online calculator you can use which not only tells you your current ratio but also identifies immediately whether you need to take any action. All you need is a measuring tape and a friend. It’s obviously more accurate if you can do the measure up against your bare skin or non-bulky clothing. If you are wearing clothes, find your belly button and put your finger on it. Your friend should measure 5cm above your finger to find the small of your waist. Once you have that spot, friend measures the circumference. The measuring tape should not be loose or tight but firm and snug against your skin. Write that number down. If you don’t already know your height, check that then divide your waist circumference by your height.

I have been measuring myself on a regular basis for some time now and have decided that my waist measurement is a far more accurate measurement of my weight than the scales which can really fluctuate. A group of friends and I decided to measure-up together today. We will be charting our measurements each week to help keep each other on track and be a prompt when we are tempted to indulge in excess refined sugars or alcohol which can quickly add inches to your waistline.

With the festive season on our doorstep what better time to start your own measure-up group and help one another stay focused through a period that is fraught with opportunities to overindulge? You can also think up non-food related activities with your measure-up buddies to go out and have fun together! Tonight my girlfriends are I are heading into Rio Rythmics in West End for an evening of latin dancing. I am so excited because I just love dancing, I’ll let you know next week how we fared!

À bientôt‘….

The Spanish Stairs….

November 14, 2012

I recently wrote about a friend of mine who was preparing for her travels in Europe. Together with husband and two children, they were off to spend precious time with family in Italy and then explore Paris.


I have an album on my facebook page that I invite contributions for called “Fashion Traveller”. I love seeing the world from other people’s eyes and am fascinated by the diversity and splendour of travel. I love the way she has captured the Spanish Stairs in the reflection of the window of the Dior boutique on Roma’s fashion high street – Via Condotti. Every time I look at this photograph I see more and more, it is a rich tapestry of history, architecture, fashion, faith, pilgrimage and the stories of each life contained within. It also reminds me of one the other snaps from her online photographic journal – a direct aspect of the Spanish Stairs captured by her husband. Despite the flood of tourists I smiled when, just as the photographer would have, I instantly recognised a little figure on the steps – my friend’s signature style and warm smile standing out from the crowd. It brightened my day!

Do you have a fashion travel photo that you would love to share?

Weekend with a french rose

November 5, 2012

I had the immense pleasure of spending part of this weekend with a treasured friend of mine. Christelle and I met in Ipswich at a community group for internationals but she now resides on the Sunshine Coast with her husband Simon, dog Bob and cat Merlot.  Christelle is an amazing Artist, French teacher, student of yoga, loves to dance (currently learning Tango), travel and meet new people.

We spent the whole day on Saturday walking, talking and visiting cafes and other interesting places. We enjoyed tea and pumpkin pie at The Silva Spoon a tea emporium in Cotton Tree where they lovingly garnish each piece with a fresh rose, such gorgeous attention to beauty was simply sumptuous.

We lunched at a Thai restaurant at Cotton Tree where we met the most delightful little lady who wanted my hat and said so – well Christelle and I played a game with her and said we liked her bag, the next minute the bag was handed over but I think there was trade expectations on the cards and I simply could not part with my Italian hat. We spent the afternoon at a five star golf course at Coolum being serenaded by beautiful melodies from the grand piano, a gorgeous vista and a sunset….

Christelle is one of the few people I feel I can tell absolutely anything to and I’ve been long overdue to visit my good friend. We should always treasure and make time for those we love……who do you need to reconnect with this week?

Style Guide: I love this linen dress by Saba, it is fully lined and the fabric is imported from Italy and in warm shades of dappled coral it is perfect for my Warm Spring colouring – I teamed it with simple neutral sandals by Tony Bianco, an Indian motif necklace and my Catterina Lucci hat. Choice of colour in garments in harmony with your natural colour palette is essential for accentuating natural beauty and skin tone. Christelle is wearing a grey knit tunic dress, brazillian sandal and her signature wooden beads – she loves the earthy warm feel of the beads and they work well with most of her pieces.