Weekend with a french rose

I had the immense pleasure of spending part of this weekend with a treasured friend of mine. Christelle and I met in Ipswich at a community group for internationals but she now resides on the Sunshine Coast with her husband Simon, dog Bob and cat Merlot.  Christelle is an amazing Artist, French teacher, student of yoga, loves to dance (currently learning Tango), travel and meet new people.

We spent the whole day on Saturday walking, talking and visiting cafes and other interesting places. We enjoyed tea and pumpkin pie at The Silva Spoon a tea emporium in Cotton Tree where they lovingly garnish each piece with a fresh rose, such gorgeous attention to beauty was simply sumptuous.

We lunched at a Thai restaurant at Cotton Tree where we met the most delightful little lady who wanted my hat and said so – well Christelle and I played a game with her and said we liked her bag, the next minute the bag was handed over but I think there was trade expectations on the cards and I simply could not part with my Italian hat. We spent the afternoon at a five star golf course at Coolum being serenaded by beautiful melodies from the grand piano, a gorgeous vista and a sunset….

Christelle is one of the few people I feel I can tell absolutely anything to and I’ve been long overdue to visit my good friend. We should always treasure and make time for those we love……who do you need to reconnect with this week?

Style Guide: I love this linen dress by Saba, it is fully lined and the fabric is imported from Italy and in warm shades of dappled coral it is perfect for my Warm Spring colouring – I teamed it with simple neutral sandals by Tony Bianco, an Indian motif necklace and my Catterina Lucci hat. Choice of colour in garments in harmony with your natural colour palette is essential for accentuating natural beauty and skin tone. Christelle is wearing a grey knit tunic dress, brazillian sandal and her signature wooden beads – she loves the earthy warm feel of the beads and they work well with most of her pieces.


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