One of my favourite things!

On a beautiful day, full of sunshine and warmth, one of my most favourite things in the world is spending time at the seaside, swimming in the ocean and taking walks along the beach.  Nothing compares to the exhilaration of running into the sea and being engulfed by waves, hearing the laughter and squeals of kids of all ages playing in nature’s water park playground.

Joy abounds, children build castles of sand, families recline together and couples stroll hand in hand. It’s a place to forget everything and feel completely happy and carefree. We had a lovely morning at Burleigh Heads on Sunday, swimming and playing in the waves, it’s one of our favourite spots. As I was swimming I couldn’t help seeing flashes of Heavenly Creatures,  the recent Vogue shoot (November edition) celebrating the golden jubilee of the Australian Ballet Company. I was absolutely enraptured by strength and beauty of the dancers perfectly juxtaposed against the raw beauty of ocean and sand. For me the behind the scenes video far surpassed the stills. The music and editing was  simply enchanting…..enjoi!



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