The journey of success

True entrepreneurs are driven to serve as much as they are called to lead

– Jonathon Fields


I was most inspired by this quote recently. It made me think of a few awesome people I know and ponder that the level of success that they are currently achieving is a direct result of their genuine love of serving people. I did a little google search on Fields and found an article he wrote on the topic. We so often get things topsy turvy in life – as dream chasers we want the results, but sometimes do not realise the foundational principles which underpin success.

Adding value to the communities in which we live and contribute is the common feature of all great leaders, no matter what level they operate and with or without the label. Inspiring leaders are in fact always the greatest servants and this is why we follow them – they call out the best within themselves and in doing so they call forth the best from us. Respect and compassion for others and a commitment to ensure that everyone has access to the same opportunity are the hallmarks of great leaders.

The path to success brings with it a great sense of accomplishment but it also adds great responsibility. Whilst this may give one pause, it is the person that we grow into as we pursue these dreams that can give us the greatest sense of personal achievement. For in conquering the mountains, we conquer our fears and insecurities…. indeed we conquer ourselves when we reach the summit and know deep within “I can do anything I put my hand to!” Keep striving for your goals, never give up, for in the journey there is great joy!



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