Fitness Log week beginning March 11, 2013

A most relaxing weekend left me chomping at the bit this morning. I started my day at 4am with my hour of power and then hit the gym at 5:30am sharp. Karen and I scheduled a bicep blast prior to RPM this morning. I found this list of Top 10 bicep exercises last night and whilst I am not that keen on having girls hanging off my arms (clearly aimed at the boys) it has some great tips. Females often focus too much on cardio without incorporating strength training to build lean muscle which will help you develop a toned physique. Don’t get me wrong, cardio is still essential. In fact high intensity training for 45 minutes first thing in the morning will boost your metabolism for the rest of the day and cause you to burn more calories over the next 14 hours even whilst at rest! Combining the two types of training in with the addition of stretch therapy and high quality nutrition will lead to optimum health and physique. Think of these components as your four quadrants of fitness.

Monday 11 March, 2013


chin ups

am:  Biceps: 21’s barbell curls (12.5 kg) bottom to 1/2 way x 7 reps, 1/2 to top by 7 reps, bottom to top 7 reps followed immediately without rest by dumbbell curls (descending reps 12-10-8-12 on 6-7-8 kg) just got through the 8’s so working to my limits at that range of reps. Military style chin ups (with arms and elbows actually tucked in closer than in this picture)  using descending reps 12-10-8-12 I started on pin#9 down to 6 but it was a bit too easy, I will start on pin#8 next week.

RPM class (45 minutes) and I also tried a new class Goodlife have launched called X Fit. The yummy mummies and I enjoyed an intense 45 minutes strength class in the group fitness room using the Pump gear. We did a short warm up and then three rounds of intense strength training (which you can easily replicate in your own time) followed by some core work and a warm down. The sets were a mix of resistance with barbell (I loaded up with 4 x 5kg plates) and against body weight incorporating principles of  plyometrics with intense heavy reps and no breaks in between except between rounds (30 second rest). The sets included: 15 squats, 15 cling and jerk, 15 straight leg deadlifts, 15 box jumps (up onto stage),15 tricep dips, 15 push ups and 30 second plank. By round three I was extremely fatigued and dropped 2 x 5kg weights off my barbell, however it was then far too easy, I should have added 2.5’s on in lieu of the 5’s.


I enjoyed a relaxing steam session afterward followed by a warm shower to sooth the muscles.

pm: Boxing class (45 minutes) followed by Stretch Therapy (1 hour) @ the Old Flour Mill. We did handstands tonight and I practiced my shoulder stand. After class I felt like trying a back bend, Trevor being so perceptive spotted my intention and offered assistance. I pushed up into the pose to begin with then he provided further instruction and support to help me move more deeply into the stretch.



am: 2 litres purified rainwater, 2 cups green tea, green smoothie (1/2 litre).


pm: tuna sashimi (one small raw tuna steak sliced up) with soy sauce and pickled ginger and 1/2 a fresh cucumber. 1 litre purified rainwater. Evening meal – pumpkin soup, steamed brocoli and walnuts. Broccoli is amazing food – cleansing, high in vitamin C, protein (45% of the calories) and fiber – whenever I even feel the slightest bit unwell I load up my plate. Pot of peppermint tea.


Tuesday 12 March, 2013


am: recovery (much needed after yesterday’s full on day!)

pm: Boxing class (1 hour) back to back with Balance class (1 hour). Squeezed in some back work tonight before class with  increased weights from last week and again using decreasing rep technique (12-10-8-12) – dumbbell rows : 9-10-12.5-9; lateral pull down (pin # 4, 4 +1, 4+2). I am feeling more energised after training tonight.


am: 1 litre purified rainwater, 1 cup green tea, 1 pomegranate which was a gift, (check the link for info about this amazing fruit).1 pot of chai. Intriguing – this morning I had very little appetite even after such a heavy training day yesterday with quite a light corresponding calorie intake.


pm: I picked up a lovely little pumpkin and some red onions from the Queen Bee at our very own farmer’s market stall “homegrown harvest” on Saturday in the Top of Town. Today I made the most delicious soup with them plus carrots, capsicum, courgette, brocoli, chickpeas, chilli and fresh rosemary from my garden. I finally began feeling hungry around 11:30am so I ate two big bowls of soup!


Super hungry again after classes tonight so evening meal was whipped up in a jiffy: sauté veggies (courgette, red onion, asparagus & cabbage) with lightly steamed broccoli and a tuna steak lightly pan fried.

Wednesday 13 March, 2013


leg press

am: Quads, shoulders and triceps this morning all mixed up and using a mix of decreasing rep technique (12-10-8-12) or straight reps where indicated: barbell step ups (15-17.5-20), barbell squats (15-17.5-20), barbell lunges (15-17.5-20), standing shoulder press (15-17.5-20), tricep dips with 5kg weight on lap (3 x 10 reps), stair sprints 2 x 3, seated leg press (pin # 9-10-11), triceps push ups (3 x 10 reps), leg extension (pin # 5-6-7). 10 minutes powerwalk on treadmill at 6km/hour (10% incline).

Women Boxing Together At Gym

pm: Kerri and I smoked through two 20 minute sessions in the park today. The ground was dry so no excuses not to drop into those push-ups and burpees! A heart pumping drill working the whole body: 50 high jabs, 40 uppercuts, 30 hooks, 10 full burpees, 10 pushups, 1 minute skipping, 10 repulsion lunges, 10 box jumps up onto step. Only rest was during transition between skipping reps (10 meters). We’ve been training together for a few months now, we take it in turns to prepare the sessions and during the hour we spend each week training, we also have time to touch base on life and catch up. Training together has helped us both stay accountable in other areas of our lives as well which has been a huge blessing to us both!


am: 1 litre purified rainwater, 2 cups green tea, 1 green smoothie. Latte.

pm: Tuna in springwater with cucumber, tomato, asparagus and red onion. Walnuts (30g), banana, two plums. 1 litre crystal springs water. Homemade vegetable soup, pasta spirals with vegetables.

Thursday 14 March, 2013


What a glorious Autumn morning to be alive…clear blue skies and crisp, fresh air, I envied the lucky people high up in the balloon early today!

early morning mist

am: I was reading about supersets this week so I decided to use this training principle to combine my hamstrings and chest this morning. Routine: chest dips (pin# 8-7-6) alternating with back extension with plates (5-7.5-10); dumbbell chest press on incline bench (9-10-12.5) alternating with lying leg curl (pin# 3) 3 x 12 reps; straight leg deadlifts with dumbbells (25-30-35) [whilst my legs were fine, I could hardly lift the  17.5kg weights with my arms which got hammered so I need to rethink that one] alternating with dumbbell chest fly 4 kg (3 x 12reps); hamstring curls on swiss ball alternating with hamstring stretch; core work: decline crunches (3 x 12 reps)


pm: recovery


am: 1 litre purified rainwater, 2 cups green tea, 2 gooey boiled eggs with sauté asparagus, broccoli and garlic.

pm:  Tuna in springwater with cucumber, tomato & spinach. Walnuts (30g). 1 litre crystal springs water. Homemade vegetable soup.

Friday 14 March, 2013


am: recovery

pm:  Body Balance



am: 1 litre purified rainwater, 2 cups green tea.


pm:  2 gooey boiled eggs. Homemade vegetable soup. Ginger chicken stir fry with shitake mushrooms and sauté veggies asparagus, broccoli, capsicum, red onion and garlic.



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