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Five things to change your life…

July 9, 2013

Operating from a platform of gratitude is so empowering. It is intrinsically linked with an abundance mentality and is one of my foundational principles. I firmly believe that gratitude expressed opens doors of opportunity and attracts even more wonderful things into the realm of our experience.

For some time now we have been practicing the habit of writing five things that we are thankful for each morning on a little whiteboard near the back door.  A simple concept, I call it my “5 Things”. It’s such a wonderful way to begin each day, focusing on the positive gifts and experiences that we have been blessed with. It’s really interesting to see what pops up each day as it reveals to me the true sources of joy in my life. One of the things has to be about the other half too, which is sometimes interesting in the midst of a quarrel, but does help us to remember the bigger picture and does help to build a strong and loving relationship.

I also like to write a personal note to a friend each week (you know that old fashioned app called a letter). Letting others know we appreciate and love them can sometimes be overlooked. Take a moment this week to think of someone, grab a pen and some lovely writing paper or beautiful card and write a few words of heartfelt appreciation. You will feel wonderful and it will be treasured by the receiver. While you are at it, why not grab a journal or whiteboard and give “5 Things” a try, I think you will love it!


12 Life Disciplines

March 18, 2013

Over the years I have grown to love the benefits derived from strong discipline, not only in the realm of physical training but in other areas too. I realise, not only from experiences in my own life, but by observing the lives of those around me, that these guiding principles, protect us from the consequences of a life without borders.

” He that has no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.” [Proverb 25:28]

I have spent some time today reflecting on a few things that have happened in my little world over the last few days, the kind of life I want and how easy it is to get off track when you don’t have strong guidelines or disciplines in place. I am actually quite pleased these things happened because they have really made me stop & think, take stock, make some tweaks and move forward! Everything in life can be a stepping stone if we allow it!

So this morning I decided to take some time out to meditate on the principles or disciplines that are important to me, those I already practice and some new ones I’d like to incorporate. I have consolidated them down to a list of 12 which I have documented so that I can review them everyday during my Hour of Power and keep my focus on the practices that I wish to become habitual. They may not always be easy to implement and I will be sharing them with friends and family to help me stay accountable, but I know that if I put in the hard yards in the short term, the benefits will far outweigh the costs.

suck it up

Seeing their dreams take flight

January 7, 2013


Recently we watched the heart warming film “The Odd life of Timothy Green” – a magical little film that juxtaposes two strikingly opposite human traits. One being the heartache that we put ourselves through in our passionate attachment to strongly desired outcomes. The other being the joy of investing in others and seeing their dreams take flight. Whilst this film focuses on the parent child relationship, parallels can be drawn into other spheres where we seek to influence and encourage others. True contentment and joy in life I believe comes from a healthy and balanced fusion of these two concepts.

little pilots

One of my favourite authors on leadership and business is John Maxwell. If you have never come across any of his material, I’d highly recommend having a read. His writings on influence are based on timeless principles that will serve you in many areas where you wish to see growth – business, relationships, community and personal development. I am coaching a friend in her own personal health and fitness goals for the month of January and whilst we have just begun, the growth and transformation she is already experiencing is such a kick! As part of your plans for 2013 why not incorporate a personal growth plan that includes opening a door of opportunity for someone, coaching someone, perhaps committing to a personal achievement event together or a simple, genuine word of encouragement to those around you from time to time. No matter who we are – we all have something that we can give to others. The joy of being at the finish line to cheer someone on as they cross the line is hard to match, come on and give it a try – I know you’ll be hooked!